Donate Clothes & Other Items

Urban Peak youth benefit from the generous outpouring of items from our community.  To assist you with your donation we have designed a few guidelines.

  • All services considered our average client age is 22 years old, and thus teen or infant clothing is not accepted.
  • Since we do not have storage space and are limited with the amount of items we can keep, furniture and items not listed are typically not needed.
  • To ensure the safety of our clients, we can not accept home made food,
  • Since nonperishable canned goods storage is limited, we do not seasonal canned items such as candied yams or cranberry sauce.

For a comprehensive list of all of the food, clothing, household, or other items that we would very much appreciate – please click here!

We are open at all hours, but would be happiest receiving any in- kind donations Monday through Saturday 9am-6pm.

If you have any questions about in- kind donations, please feel free to contact: Julian McGinn, Volunteer and Development Coordinator at [email protected] or 719-630-3223 ext 2827.