Independent Apartment Program

The supportive housing program at Urban Peak Colorado Springs serves as a stepping stone for youth to go from our shelter to independent living.

Youth at our shelter have the opportunity to move into one of two transitional housing programs. Some youth require additional assistance, and a Permanent Supportive Housing option – including case management – may help them achieve maximum independence while not falling through the cracks and back onto the street.

We are proud to partner with Greccio Housing in this key program that helps youth find an appropriate place, close to their employment options or transportation services, and in which they may integrate into the larger community from our shelter services.

Other young people in need of temporary help with rent assistance may be eligible for the Transitional Living Program. A housing case manager works with youth in this program as well. The program can assist youth who are currently housed but who face a temporary financial crisis so that they can maintain their place to live and not end up on the street. Other youth from within our shelter program or whom we connect with through outreach can also qualify for this temporary housing assistance as they work toward sustaining housing on their own.

In total, Urban Peak Colorado Springs can provide up to 15 independent apartments for youth. As in our other programs, youth themselves identify goals and set forth their plan for transitioning into housing.

If you are interested in helping youth create a map for independence by investing in our supportive housing and other key programs, please consider joining our Real Change Society by clicking here.