Health Services


Youth experiencing homelessness are more likely to have physical and mental health issues because of the challenges of life on the street, so Urban Peak Colorado Springs employs a full-time healthcare coordinator to support youth access to medical and mental healthcare.

Some youth need just the most basic of services, such as dental care, procuring eye glasses or scheduled vaccinations. For a young person, good healthcare experiences can make a big difference if they’ve lacked an adult to appropriately care for their well-being. Building a trusting relationship with medical providers and with people who can support their health and wellness can be a crucial support.

Peak Vista Community Health Centers supports our mission by providing a licensed healthcare professional to hold office hours once per week at our on-site clinic. This ready access to health care, provided in a confidential space that youth trust, increases the chance that common health related issues such as colds and infections, as well as more serious issues such as sexually transmitted infections, don’t go untreated.

One of the cornerstones of our health care program is our weekly Healthy Living class. In the classes, facilitated by either the Health Services Coordinator or an outside presenter, clients learn about a variety of health related topics. Past sessions have included: Hygiene, Health and Wellness, Sleep, Body Image, Stress Reduction and Massages, Nutrition and Healthy Cooking Group, Suicide Awareness, CICP/ER Usage, Skin Cancer, Smoking, Flu, Healthy Relationships, and Sexual Health.