Life Skills

Life Skills Classes: Urban Peak offers a variety of daytime and evening opportunities for youth.

Yoga: A yoga class tailored to meet the needs of whoever should come to practice each week. A variety of elements may be offered – meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and asanas – postures. Practicing in power or vinyasa style which means breath is linked to movement to connect the mind, body and spirit and restore and rejuvenate the entire body.

Tai Chi:  Tai Chi began in Ancient China as a martial art.  It has evolved to focus more on health benefits which promotes serenity through gentle movements connecting the mind and body.  This alternative form of exercise when practiced not only improves health conditions but benefits of all aspects of well being.


ARTReach:  Urban Peak Colorado Springs has been selected to be the Colorado Springs pilot group for a Florida based program called ARTreach, a youth centered human trafficking educational program. ARTReach utilizes art as a way to teach youth about human trafficking; following a short educational program, youth are able to express themselves through art, and then share their knowledge through their art with others. The program is comprised of 4 segments, presented separately on 4 consecutive Monday mornings, consisting of education by a trained presenter/educator, followed by time for the youth to create art, supported by an art therapist. Both the educator and art therapist are volunteers and members of the HTTFSC. So far the program has done very well, as each week brings more and more youth into attendance. The education they are receiving is imperative, given their vulnerable positions, and the opportunity to express themselves through art has been just as important. We hope to continue this program, and provide the community with an opportunity to see how effective and important ARTreach is, not only to RHY, but to all young people as well.


Substance Abuse

Healthy Living