Meal Volunteers

Urban Peak welcomes corporate volunteer groups (2-6 people) to serve meals at our Drop-In Center and Shelter locations. Thank you, Levi Strauss team for donating your time!

Volunteer for Large Projects!

Urban Peak welcomes large groups of approximately 15 people to serve. Tasks generally include sorting donated items, maintenance and landscaping projects, and cleaning. Your help is so greatly appreciated!

Meal Group Volunteer Opportunities

Urban Peak’s meal group volunteers help prepare, serve and donate the food needed to prepare meals for youth at our Drop-In Center, Shelter, and our Housing programs.

Meal group volunteers must be at least 14 years of age to serve at our Shelter, and 18 years of age or older to serve at our Drop-In Center and Housing areas.

Meal groups must be 2-6 individuals. Unfortunately, due to space in our kitchens, we cannot accommodate more than 6 individuals at a time.

Please visit our meal group volunteer opportunities page to view our time meal times, and sign up to prepare and serve.

Meal Group Volunteer Positions