Celebrating 10 Years of Service

audrey 10 yearsCongratulations to Audrey Field on her 10-year anniversary at Urban Peak Colorado Springs! Urban Peak helps youth to get off the street and build a better future, and Audrey embodies that work. As Deputy Director/Program Director, her role is to oversee programs and the staff who make a difference to youth every day.

Audrey began her formidable career focused on assisting youth experiencing homelessness in 2006, as a direct care counselor and has held a number of positions within the organization over the years. She has committed to the mission of Urban Peak Colorado Springs for the last decade because every day she sees what happens when youth who have nowhere else to go are offered a safe space for support. When they are welcomed by people who meet them exactly where they are with acceptance, compassion and allegiance, they are empowered to imagine new possibilities for themselves and achieve self-determined goals. This in itself is the reward for Audrey’s dedication, yet she also feels she learns about herself and the world through the youth she works with. She is constantly humbled and reenergized when they come back to visit or send an email to let the staff know how they are doing after they’ve moved on from UPCS services.

“I really love working with all of these amazing people. I have never worked in a place with so many incredible and caring people,” says Audrey of her role. “That is a really great thing to get to come to every day.” The staff, volunteers and board members appreciate her, as well. Audrey is a gifted leader who knows how to develop new leaders – youth, staff, volunteers, and community members, alike.

Audrey Field exemplifies what Urban Peak strives for throughout every aspect of our business, excellence, and passion. We look forward to all the ways Audrey will continue contributing “to something bigger” than herself by igniting potential and helping to build a better future for our youth and our community.