Urban Peak Statistics in Colorado Springs

During the Point In Time 2015, a single night count revealed that 93 youth age 18 to 24 were experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs. In official counts such as these, young people comprise about 9% of the total population of homeless. The numbers are a one-night snapshot, and given the difficulty of counting youth who often hide their homelessness, we know this figure is very conservative. Of the 93 youth counted:

  • 72 were in shelters and transitional housing
  • 21 had no shelter on that freezing night
  • 20 youth were in the Urban Peak Colorado Springs shelter

Key Indicators:
Fiscal Year 2015

528 runaway and homeless youth were served throughout all of Urban Peak Colorado Springs’ programs and services

OUTREACH: Contact with 445 different youth living on the streets who received basic supplies, water, snacks, and blankets, as well as referrals for counseling and housing. One in five youth were helped directly from the street into, housing, shelter or to reunify with family.

SHELTER: 143 youth ages 15 through 20 found a warm, safe place to sleep; food; clothing; and access to supportive services at the 20-bed shelter located at 423 East Cucharras Street, Colorado Springs.

EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT: A total of 22 youth accessed GED classes or continued in high school or post-secondary education classes; 102 youth sought job readiness training and 54 of them obtained jobs with support of our Education & Employment program.

 HOUSING: 40 young people were supported through our apartment programs. Housing and strength-based case management keeps youth from falling back into homelessness.

 SAFE EXITS: Half of youth who exited our shelter or housing programs departed to safe and stable environments. The journey out of homelessness is unique for each individual.

VOLUNTEERS: 60 Volunteers provided 2164 hours of service, including providing 50 percent of all meals prepared for youth in the shelter.