Programs and Services

The real life challenges of youth experiencing homelessness can be overcome. That’s where Urban Peak comes in – we offer shelter and vital programs that support young people on their journey. At Urban Peak, youth find skills, support and insight that allow them to step off the streets and step toward a brighter future.

Urban Peak’s shelter is a warm, safe option to a night on the streets. Open every day of the year, our 20-bed facility is the only licensed youth shelter in Colorado Springs. There we provide meals, clothing and a health clinic link for youth ages 15 to 20.

Education and Employment helps get youth on the road to jobs and schools. Our case managers connect young people to high school continuation, GED access, or even consideration of college, as well as linking them to important job skills and opportunities to prepare for the next phase of their lives.

Street Outreach connects young people on the street with shelter, housing or even helps them to reunify with family members.  Our outreach team immediately provide key items – from clean socks to HIV testing to water – that make a big difference in the life of a young person experiencing homelessness.

Case Management helps youth identify their strengths and create a plan for exiting homelessness. Case managers are trusted adults and the key link as advocates for treatments or services that will improve a youth’s stability and health.

Supportive Housing helps youth live safely while they build their self-sufficiency.