A Literary Facelift

As many of you may know, Urban Peak has been working diligently over the last few years renovating the Spot, home to our Drop-In Center, Outreach offices, and Education & Employment classroom. In the past year, contractors have been hard at work replacing broken bricks and siding, retrofitting the main staircase, creating an outdoor patio, replacing broken door jams, and giving the space a fresh new coat of paint.

With all of the recent enhancements in the Education & Employment classroom, the outdated, broken bookshelves stood out like a sore thumb. That is, until Trevor Ashby, an Eagle Scout, and Ashley Jones, a Girl Scout pursuing her Gold Award, decided to lend their expertise.

Together with his father Tad, Trevor built a beautiful new set of custom-built bookcases for the Education classroom as part of his Eagle project. Together the two met with Education Specialist Sarah Ault to determine Urban Peak’s needs for the classroom and measured the space. The duo built and painted the bookshelves at home and installed them a few weeks later. All of the supplies for the bookshelves were donated by Home Depot.

During the month of February the new bookshelves were adorned with 700 new-to-Urban Peak books courtesy of Ashley Jones, a Girl Scout with Troop 1165. Ashley approached the Education team late last year with the idea of expanding and updating Urban Peak’s Education & Employment library as part of her Gold Award project. (The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. The goal of a Gold Award is to create a lasting impact that reaches standards of sustainability, as well as creating a community link.)

Ashley reached out to friends, family, classmates, and the employees of 2nd & Charles, a used bookstore located near the Flatirons, to collect the books. Upon collection, Ashley and her fellow troop members leveled the books based on reading level so the youth could easily pick out a book that corresponds to their reading level.

“The library has been an outstanding addition to the classroom,” said Sarah Ault. “For the first time in months, youth have been perusing the classroom library, finding appropriate books based on their reading level, and reading. We’re confident that the library will help the youth in expanding their reading skills and ultimately passing the GED.”

For additional information on the classroom library project, please visit Ashley Jones’ blog.

Thank you, Trevor and Ashley! We are so grateful for your support of Urban Peak!