Urban Peak Offers Support For Homeless Youth As Temperatures Plummet

Denver, Colorado (December 3, 2013) – With Denver area temperatures plummeting into the low teens and sub-zero numbers, the lives of those who experience homelessness will be greatly affected. To ensure the care and safety of teens and young adults who are on the streets, Urban Peak is extending the hours of its daytime Drop-In Center as needed this week to provide homeless youth with a warm place to take refuge during the day.

Urban Peak is Denver’s only non-profit organization that provides a full array of services for youth who are experiencing homelessness.

According to the latest Point-In-Time survey conducted by the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative (MDHI), there are 921 youth ages 13 to 24 who experience homelessness on any given day in the Denver metro area. Urban Peak served over 2,300 unduplicated youth last year.

“Services for homeless youth and young adults are extremely limited in our area. Urban Peak offers the only overnight shelter built specifically for this group in our city,” said Kim Easton, CEO of Urban Peak. “Our overnight shelter is built to sleep up to 40 youth and can accommodate 10 more during the colder winter months. The need for shelter is so much greater than what is immediately available to youth, and particularly young adults.

“In the absence of ample overnight shelter, we are extending the hours of our daytime drop-in center to keep the youth warm during the day, and are offering warm gloves, jackets, and other apparel to help the youth through this difficult time,” continued Easton.

Urban Peak has been operating on cold weather overflow operations 90% of nights since October 1, 2013. A total of 289 additional beds have been occupied by youth who otherwise would not have had a warm and safe place to sleep because of Urban Peak’s overflow operations.

In addition to its daytime drop-in center, Urban Peak operates an overnight shelter, 120 housing units, education and employment services, case management, life skills courses, mental health evaluations, meals and more.

About Urban Peak
Founded in 1988, Urban Peak is the only non-profit organization in Denver that provides a full convergence of services for youth ages 15 through 24 experiencing homelessness or youth who are at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Urban Peak serves youth along their individual journeys to self-sufficiency in providing numerous programs and services based on the principles of trauma-informed care including a 40-bed shelter, daytime drop-in center and activities, housing, education and employment services, case management, life skills courses, mental health evaluations, meals and more. For more information, visit www.urbanpeak.org.  ###