About our Employment Services

Urban Peak’s Employment team can help you obtain the skills and support you need to gain and maintain employment. Specific services include: Job Readiness Training (JRT), job search and application assistance, and job retention support.

Job Readiness Training (ages 15-24)

Urban Peak’s Job Readiness Training (JRT) is designed to help job seekers like you in providing career exploration opportunities, resume and cover letter assistance, and classes emphasizing “soft skills” such as communication, goal setting, conflict resolution, and job retention.  Throughout JRT, you will work with a case manager to help identify your career interests and strengths and to set goals for the course and future employment. Upon successful completion, you may earn a job referral to one of our Employment Partners.

Job Search Hours (ages 15-24)

If a program like Job Readiness Training is too structured for you, you can come use the classroom during Job Search Hours to search for available jobs online, create or update your resume and cover letter, work on job-interviewing techniques, and more. Staff will be available to assist you so you are able to successfully apply for jobs and stand out among other applicants.

Workforce Investment Act (ages 15-21)

The Workforce Investment Act is a federally funded program designed to help young people attain their education and employment goals by providing long-term support and services. Some opportunities available through the program include tuition assistance, certificate trainings, transportation aid, and paid work experiences. The program also offers intensive case management with a focus on career exploration and goal setting to set youth up for success in their educational and employment pursuits.

Job Retention Services (ages 15-24)

Once you’ve secured employment, Urban Peak staff will work with youth and your employer to ensure you feel supported and equipped to adequately perform all functions of the position for which you were hired. Urban Peak will work with you to set goals, obtain clothing appropriate for the position, secure necessary transportation, review feedback from your supervisors, complete self-evaluations and more. Those that utilize our job retention services have more success in retaining their positions, earning promotions and wage increases, creating a satisfactory outlook toward employment, and exploring future career options.

ServSafe Food Handler Training and Certification

Offered six times per year to eligible participants, the training covers five key areas: Basic Food Safety; Personal Hygiene; Cross-contamination & Allergens; Time & Temperature and Cleaning & Sanitation. The nationally-recognized certification is valuable for you if you are currently working or seeking a job in food service (Prep Cook, Server, Dishwasher, Dietary Aide, Concessions worker, etc.)

Customer Service Training and Professional Certification in Customer Service

This certificate, available through the National Retail Federation Foundation, is a comprehensive three-day training and exam offered four times per year to eligible participants. The training and nationally-recognized certification are based on skill standards recognized by sales and service employers as critical to customer service success. Individuals who earn this certificate will have a national, transferable certification of skills and knowledge to help them gain and grow in careers in customer service.