Shelter Youth Expectations

The Shelter is a safe place where you will feel respected, cared for and hopeful. To make sure everyone at the Shelter gets to feel this way, we have expectations for you while you are here. During your time at the Shelter, in addition to staying 7 out of 7 nights, we expect you to:

  • Respect yourself, others staying at the shelter, staff, Urban Peak property, and the surrounding community. We will not tolerate violence, abuse, threats, sexual activity, gang-related activity or clothing, or any racially charged, homophobic, or religious slurs.
  • Participate in the chore routine as part of your service agreement at Urban Peak.
  • Be drug and alcohol free when you are on Urban Peak property.
  • Follow your service plan and participate in daily programs.
  • Work with your case manager weekly to create and maintain a plan to help you help you find safe and stable housing.