Urban Peak was founded in 1988 by a group of caring citizens in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood who were concerned about the increasing numbers of youth living on the streets. First established as a daytime drop-in center, Urban Peak’s founders quickly realized the need for overnight services and opened a temporary overnight shelter in the basement of St. Paul’s Methodist Church.

Realizing the need was greater than they had the capacity to serve, Urban Peak launched its first capital campaign and with the community’s support, opened Colorado’s first and only licensed shelter for youth experiencing homelessness in Colorado in 1998. Since then, Urban Peak has added an additional 1,200 square feet to the Shelter, acquired three apartment complexes for transitional youth housing, and opened a Colorado Springs location.

In 2003, Urban Peak merged with the Spot Youth Center, an award-winning night-time youth drop-in center, and in 2011 completed a renovation on the old Spot building to include a daytime drop-in center, education and employment services, and offices for Urban Peak’s outreach team. Now in its 26th year of operation, Urban Peak served 2,550 youth in our last fiscal year.