Media Contact

If this is an emergency involving a crisis of a youth Urban Peak serves, please dial 911.


  • To interview Urban Peak staff or get a comment if you are working a story, please call Christina Carlson, Chief Executive Officer of Urban Peak at 303.974.2932. Due to the scope of our work, it is not always possible to have immediate access to a staff member.
  • Urban Peak administration hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm.
  • Outside of regular business hours, please email Christina at [email protected].

Please keep in mind:

  • Urban Peak is incredibly grateful to media who want to put a spotlight on the tragedy of youth experiencing homelessness.
  • Youth served by Urban Peak are human beings going through a traumatic part of their lives. We do all we can to gain their trust, give them hope, and in some cases, save their lives.
  • Youth served by Urban Peak are not available for immediate interviews. The process could take days and many times we are unable to find a youth who wants to do a press interview.
  • Any youth interviewed, photographed and/or filmed must first provide their consent by signing a release.