About our Evaluation Department


Urban Peak’s Program Evaluation Department oversees all evaluation efforts, internal research, research requests, data collection and analysis, and reports.

Program Evaluation

Evaluating the efficacy of our programming is integral to the mission of Urban Peak. Program evaluation at Urban Peak is multi-faceted and includes collecting and analyzing information on youth demographics and personal histories, the volume and type of services provided, and the successful outcomes our participants achieve. This three-pronged approach allows us to answer the critical questions: Who are our participants? How many participants do we serve? How are our participants impacted by our services?

To answer these questions, data is collected throughout a client’s involvement at Urban Peak. Successful client outcomes have been defined in logic models and data is collected to assess client progress towards achieving those outcomes and to determine each program’s effectiveness in cultivating successful outcomes with those whom they work.

The Deputy Director/Director of Programs, Manager of Program Evaluation and Program Supervisors review and discuss data on a monthly basis to identify trends, successes and areas for improvement.

For additional information on our Evaluation process, please email our Manager of Program Evaluation with your specific questions by completing our contact form and selecting “Research & Evaluation” from the drop-down menu.