Drop-In Center & Outreach

Urban Peak’s Drop-In Center is a refuge for youth experiencing homelessness. The Drop-In Center provides a safe haven where youth can get their most basic needs met including:

  • A temporary respite from the outdoor elements
  • A hot breakfast served Monday through Friday
  • Lockers to keep their possessions safe
  • Laundry services
  • Showers
  • First aid supplies

In addition to helping youth get their basic needs met, the Drop-In Center and Outreach staff offer a listening ear, guidance, and support, and lead essential life skills courses in subjects such as healthy relationships, sex education, finances, and more to help many of the youth we serve on their individual paths to self-sufficiency. Staff also work to provide crisis intervention, basic needs resources and counseling, and appropriate referrals and try to be navigators and supporters for youth who are accessing a multitude of services with many long lines and wait lists.

The Outreach team at Urban Peak works to meet young people who may be experiencing homelessness and are living on the streets of Denver where they are in their life’s journey. Their primary goal is to cultivate healthy, trust-filled relationships and engage homeless youth on the streets with the ultimate hope of being a resource that can help them achieve the goals they identify for themselves.

In addition to working in the Drop-In Center, our Outreach workers spend hours on the streets reaching out to youth wherever they reside: under bridges, behind dumpsters, in the shadows where youth try to remain unseen.

For additional information on our Drop-In Center & Outreach, please email our Drop-In Center & Outreach staff with your specific questions by completing our contact form and selecting “Drop-In Center” from the drop-down menu.