Our Education program is located at our Shelter at 1630 S. Acoma St. and provides GED prep material, resources to get back into or re-engage in high school, and college prep assistance.

GED Classes (ages 17 through 24)

We help youth prepare for each of the GED subject tests: Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies. When they are ready to test, we send them to an official testing center and cover the cost of the exams.

Enroll in High School (ages 15 through 20)

In the United States, youth have until they are 21 to earn their high school diploma. We work with local organizations to help youth connect with and engage in different high schools and offer the use of the classroom for youth in high school to use as a safe place to study.

Enroll in College/Trade School (ages 17 through 24)

Urban Peak’s Education program is more than just GED preparation; our Education team works with youth to explore and prepare for post-secondary options. During our open classroom hours, staff assist youth in searching for and applying to school and navigating the financial aid process. Youth are also welcome to utilize our classroom as a place to study and do homework and to get help proofreading papers, working on math homework, or whatever else they might need to succeed in school.