Urban Peak

An Amazing Young Man with an Old Soul

When Brandan walked in to Urban Peak’s Shelter late one night, the staff didn’t believe that he was young enough to stay here. Long hair, a big bushy beard and standing at 6’4”, this young man looked more like the old soul that he is. Brandan’s kind heart and wisdom shows through the second that […]

Welcome Christina Carlson, incoming Urban Peak CEO

Hello, friends of Urban Peak Colorado Springs!  I’m very pleased to share the news that Urban Peak Denver’s Board of Directors has selected a new CEO for the organization.  As the Executive Director of Urban Peak Colorado Springs, I can tell you that the leadership of the CEO creates a tremendous partnership that benefits us […]

A Literary Facelift

As many of you may know, Urban Peak has been working diligently over the last few years renovating the Spot, home to our Drop-In Center, Outreach offices, and Education & Employment classroom. In the past year, contractors have been hard at work replacing broken bricks and siding, retrofitting the main staircase, creating an outdoor patio, […]